Mount Balance


The term mounting is self-explanatory. It's when tires are put on wheels, then they are installed on the vehicle's axle.

The term balancing is a little more in-depth. Having a balanced wheel is when the mass of the wheel and tire combo is distributed evenly around the axle. This creates no vibrating when the wheel and tire spins. Scientifically speaking, the axis of rotation and center of gravity are identical.


Mounting and balancing is done to compensate for weight imbalances with the wheel and tire combo. Having your wheels and tires balanced properly will prevent premature tread wear, maximize overall performance and lifespan.

When Needed

There are ways to tell if you might need to have your tires balanced. The first way to figure that is if you experience vibration while drive between speeds of 40-45 mph and as your speed increases the vibration worsens.

Another scenario is if you are getting yourself a new set of tires or upgrading your wheels and tires for a customized look, it is recommended that you get balancing done.

This is where we come in!! We have locations throughout North East Wisconsin that can do mounting and balancing! Our Green Bay, Menasha and Oshkosh locations can get that done for you!

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