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The majority of wheels now-a-days are constructed using either aluminum or steel. Steel wheels are typically heavier and consists of two pieces. Aluminum wheels can be constructed as one-piece or multi-piece and can be made via rim-rolling, forging or casting.


Cast wheels are formed by pouring molten metal into a mold to create the shape.

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Gravity Casting

Gravity casted wheels are wheels that are formed from pouring molten aluminum into a mold and using the force of gravity to fill the mold to create the wheel shape. These wheels are typically heavier because of the need for more aluminum to make the wheel dense enough for the wheel to have enough strength to support the necessary weight.

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Low Pressure Casting

This processing involves pumping molten aluminum rapidly into a mold. Doing so reduces the possibilities of pores and increases the density.

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Forged Wheels

These wheels are considered the best one-piece wheel. They are the lightest weight and achieving the greatest strength. The forging process involves using pressure and heat to shape a solid billet of aluminum.

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Rim-Rolling Wheels

These wheels are created using a low-pressure casting that is spun on a special machine. The machine heats the outer section of the cast and uses rollers to shape the wheel to the proper shape and width. Combining all of the steps for rim-rolled wheels creates a wheel that has the strength of a forged wheels.

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Multi-Piece Wheels

Multi-piece wheels are made of two or more pieces. The pieces are formed separately using either the same or varying construction methods. The pieces are then attached by either welding or via bolts.

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